Organizing ChallengeAre you looking for a new organizing challenge?

If your goals for the new year include getting organized, a great way to stay motivated is with an organizing challenge.

A Bowl Full of Lemons has an organizing challenge starting on January 7th.
“The highly anticipated 2017 Home Organization Challenge will begin on Saturday, January 7th. Get prepared for a labor of love. Over the next 14 weeks, we are going to turn our homes upside down and give them the attention they so desperately need.”

Stay Focused and Challenge Yourself

I love the idea of an organizing challenge. A challenge provides the structure that many of us need.

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to start strong and fizzle as time goes by. I also tend to start with the rooms that are already organized. Unfortunately, that leaves a couple of rooms that never I never quite get to. I would love to hear what your organizing goals are for 2017. My goal for this year is simple, I will get those neglected rooms decluttered and organized.