5 Decluttering Tips from ClutterBug

I just had to share this video from ClutterBug. She is so energetic and motivating. I had to force myself to sit down and write this article. I really wanted to get right in there and start decluttering and organizing my clutter hot spots! Let me know in the comments what you think of her tips. I would also love to hear what your favorite clutter control tips are.

Make a List of the Problem Areas in your Home.

Do you know where your clutter gathers? Make a list of those area that seem to attract clutter like a magnet. Once you identify your “clutter hot spots”, then you can figure out how to tame the clutter.

Corral Homeless Clutter

While the idea of “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” sounds great, in reality that doesn’t cover everything in the home. There are always those odd items that need a temporary home, or new items that don’t have a home yet. Want an example, just check your clutter hotspots.

Use basket, bins or bags to corral those items. One example for us is tools. They belong in the garage, but my hubby is a tinkerer so the invariably end up on the kitchen table. We keep a bin near the front door where we can put the tools temporarily until he is done with them and they can go back out to the garage.

Schedule a Time to Deal with the Clutter

Make clutter control part of your regular routine. Now that you have identified your clutter hot spots, dedicate some time every day to keeping your clutter under control. By spending 15 minutes per day clearing your clutter hot spots, you can significantly reduce the amount of clutter in your home.

Also, clutter seems to attract more clutter. You and your family will be less likely to clutter up your former clutter hot spot if you keep it neat and organized.

Box It Up and Put It Away

We all know that purging your clutter can be a difficult task. If it was easy, we wouldn’t have a problem with clutter in the first place. If you find that you are having a hard time letting go of certain items that you don’t need anymore, try this excellent idea from ClutterBug’s video.

Put the items in a box, tape it shut, and label it with something like “If not opened by {date} – DONATE”. When that date comes around and you still haven’t opened the box, it should be no problem to get rid of it. Remember, there is always someone out there that can use this stuff. Don’t let it sit forever in a box or the back of the closet.

Finish the Cycle by Peter Walsh

Check out the video for ClutterBug’s inspiring description of Peter Walsh’s Finish the Cycle idea. This idea is so obvious and revolutionary at the same time. Check out the following books if you want to learn more about Peter Walsh and his organizing ideas.